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How to Manage Your Wellbeing After Graduation

Are you facing that challenging post-graduation period when the summer partying is over, your university friends are scattered all over the place and the cold reality of ‘what now?’ slaps you in the face? You might also be living at home with your parents after gaining your degree. And I know that being in limbo [...]

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Young Professionals Networks: What Are They and Why Join?

Graduates are finding it tough as they engage with today’s job market. My recent research suggests they recognize relationship-building is a critical strategy in their job search. In part, it involves identifying opportunities to meet people where making genuine connections are likely. Then leveraging them for advice, support, introductions, and referrals. A great place to [...]

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Research: This Is What Graduates Say About The Job Search

Too often, the voices of young people are left out of the noise that proliferates about jobs and employability. Partly because many stakeholders in this space have competing agendas that lose sight of how they affect young job seekers. So, I asked graduates from my LinkedIn connections and wider network what it's like job searching [...]

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Graduates: How to Boost Your Relevance in the Job Hunt

Recent graduates will be turning their heads to job hunting in earnest after the summer break. It can be exciting and daunting. Each year, you hear stats of graduates’ struggles in finding working. Stories like “a third of grads took cleaning jobs”, “over 15k remain unemployed for 6+ months” and so on. The experience gap [...]

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Future of You: Who Do You Want To Be?

Google The Future of Work and you get 720 million results. Much of the focus is on how increasing automation will affect the nature of work and the jobs and skills employers will need. However, another side of the equation is you and what you want. "What do you want to do?" is the predictable question young [...]

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Job Interviewers: How to Capture and Keep Their Attention

Job interviews are nerve-wracking experiences with so many dos and don’ts to remember. It’s important to come out with the feeling of knowing that you’ve made an impression on your job interviewers. How do you grab their attention and hold it throughout? If you don’t shine during your interview, they’ll forget you afterward. So, learn [...]

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Perceptions and Communication: How Big is Your Gap?

Currently, I'm part of a programme coaching young career professionals around the world via video conferencing. It's a fascinating experience working with different nationalities in the world's toughest environments. Yet, many of the issues they deal with are common and familiar to workplaces everywhere. I am struck by the power, clarity, and simplicity of a [...]

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How to Say No to Your Boss With Confidence

Do you want to say No to your boss but too often end up saying Yes? Some of my coaching clients struggle with this scenario. Recurring patterns of behaviour can lead to unhappiness, demotivation, and stress. It's a potentially slippery slope towards the exit door, by choice and sometimes not. How can you reach a win-win situation [...]

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CVs: How To Not Rule Yourself Out!

Recently, I was speaking with someone in my network about her recruitment process. She can't believe the dreadful standard of CVs from applicants. The messages about avoiding basic errors are not getting through. Surveys suggest this is not an isolated scenario. What's going on? Is it carelessness, inconvenience, laziness, ignorance or desperation? Any of these [...]

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Podcast with Alexandra Galviz, Gentle Millennial Warrior

When Scott Peck wrote his iconic book, The Road Less Traveled, I bet he didn't foresee the title becoming part of the lexicon of the world of careers. Yet, the title still resonates for many people and seems for apt my latest podcast guest, the Millennial champion, Alexandra Galviz. This Boomer began following Alex on LinkedIn [...]

This is What You Need to Know About The Exhilarating Careers in eSports

Are you looking to switch your function or industry? This post tells you briefly what you need to know about the exciting range of career options within the growing eSports industry. You might be thinking that eSports are just about video games and gamers. Well, it used to be but it isn’t anymore. They have [...]

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Summer Loving: 9 Roles to Boost Your Transferable Skills

One of the most challenging parts of graduating is entering the job market with little to no experience. To start your career, you’ll need to demonstrable transferable skills that you can back up with examples of use. The majority of career-related roles will require transferable skills such as communication, timekeeping and working under pressure. So, [...]

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Just Graduated? How to Ace That First Job!

You have invested at least the past three years of your life studying, pulling all-nighters in the library, and finding yourself increasingly in debt. All with the hope that it will lead to a flourishing career upon graduation. It’s time to kick-start your professional life and use all the knowledge and experience gained during your [...]

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New Graduates: How Realistic Is Your Early Career Optimism?

What response might you get if you went into Specsavers asking for a pair of rose-tinted glasses? It might depend on the optimism of the sales person! The phrase was first recorded in 1861 in Tom Brown at Oxford by Thomas Hughes. It means a tendency to view things in a positive, yet unrealistic light, often thinking [...]

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How to Lead For Yourself in Uncertain Times

Surveys show that this generation is feeling uncertain and insecure. They are earning less and are more reluctant to job-hop compared with 40 years ago. Yet, they want their job to be meaningful and to feel empowered. Uncertainty is a given in the world of work from Brexit to the fear of job automation. The rapidly [...]

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New Graduate: How Confident and Competent Are You Feeling?

The hard work of completing your degree is coming to an end. You may be feeling a mix of pride and relief. The summer beckons and new adventures in your life are about to begin. At some point, you will make a decision about the next step. For some, it's a holiday and basking in [...]

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Expert Interview Series: How to Find Careers After College

This week's post is an interview with me by Vocate as part of their expert interview series. Click here to read the interview. Vocate is a rather cool US-based company that describes itself as being "the technological evolution of the university career center." And it’s entirely free. We believe that the job highway works but the on-ramps are broken [...]

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Uncertain Times: How To Create Your Own Certainties

In an article about his book, Deviate: The Science of Seeing Differently, Beau Lotto gives an analogy about being uncertain that resonates with me. Why is it we can walk through a forest in the daytime, enjoying the beauty of our surroundings using our senses, being mindful and connecting to the environment? Yet, if we take the same [...]

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Culture Fit: How To Turn The Tables With This One Question

Finding the right job for you is a two-way interaction with an employer. It can sometimes feel like the dice are loaded in favour of the employer, leaving a job seeker on the backfoot desperately trying to say and do the right thing to land the job. However, with dissatisfaction in the workplace rife, job [...]

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Value Blockers: Are You Failing to Shine with Employers?

We all know what it feels like immediately after a job interview. The nagging doubts start to creep in even when you think you've done well. Why did I say that? I forgot to talk about that! Maybe I misunderstood that question. Faced with the chance to score a goal, sometimes we miskick or shoot wide! What [...]

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