Job Interviews While Working? How to Stay Professional

It’s not easy to conduct your job hunt while working. Finding the time to search and apply for roles, sneak glances at your emails and pick up calls from employers take enough time as it is. One of the biggest challenges, however, is being able to attend job interviews when you’re working a full-time job. [...]

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Feeling Stuck? Stop Confusing Wants With Needs

I need a job. I want a career. They sound similar, but they're not. We all have needs and wants. Sometimes, we confuse the two, resulting in faulty thinking and actions. Let's take a closer look to understand the differences and how it helps your next job or career decision. Wants v Needs Many of you will be [...]

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How to Acquire The Habits of a Lifelong Learner

In every stage of life, we face new challenges and need to change, learn, and grow to overcome those challenges and become a more successful, well rounded, and productive person. That applies in the college classroom, in your post-graduation job search efforts, and in the new career you embark upon. In fact, being a lifelong learner [...]

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How to Boost Your Creativity in the Modern Workplace

Creativity is an essential component of any successful business. It’s what separates good ideas from great ones, and turns impossible problems into unique solutions. In 2016, the World Economic Forum revealed that creativity would become one of the most important, in-demand employability skills by 2020. Despite this, new research reveals that the way modern offices currently [...]

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New Mentor? How to Go From Fears to Cheers

Recognition of the business benefits of mentoring is increasing. Unsurprising, given the perfect storm of disruption as the norm and demographic shifts leading to a multi-generational workplace. This post looks at debunking some myths, new approaches to mentoring, and how a new mentor can overcome common fears. The old paradigm The stereotype mentor of the last century [...]

How to Break Free From a Fixed Mindset

As I walk past a local primary school, I see a banner attached to the railings. It proudly promotes the school's commitment to embedding a growth mindset in its children. Carol Dweck's concepts of a fixed mindset and a growth mindset are alive and mainstream. Whether they are in use as she intends is another [...]

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Employers: How to Build Trust With Millennial Applicants

When it comes to landing a job, Millennials are experts at reaching out to employers. They follow up on questions and ultimately sell themselves and their personal brand. Millennial applicants are put off if their potential employer does not respond with similar enthusiasm and engagement. If employers are distant and non-communicative, they may second-guess their choice [...]

Top 10 Learning to Leap Blog Posts in 2017

Here's another list of blog posts to go with the millions of others at the end of the calendar year! My top 10 blog posts in 2017 are a combination of the most shared ones and personal favourites. They were published either on my website or as guest blogs on other platforms. It's tough writing [...]

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Why You Won’t Change Jobs in the New Year

If you are unhappy with your current job or career direction, I'll guess it will cross your mind at some point over the Festive break. Those daydreaming moments when you wonder if or how things will change for the better. You say to friends and family that you want to change jobs but, before you [...]

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How To Ensure a Great Induction in Your First Job

You land your first job in a corporate environment after a ton of rejected applications and near-misses at interviews. Finally, you escape the short-term, temporary and low-level jobs you take to survive after graduating. Your hard work and persistence are paying off as you look forward to an exciting new role. You arrive with a [...]

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How to Be in Control When You Don’t Feel You Are

Do you like being in control of your job and career? Does not being in control feel uncomfortable and disabling? Wanting to be more in control of your life at work and beyond is a common coaching issue. Unsurprising, given today's perfect storm of tech, politics, economics, social, legal, and environmental changes. Uncertainty and the [...]

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How to Maximise Your Internship For Job Success

Internships are a common way to 'try before you buy' for both a potential employee and an employer. However, not all internships are the same and depend on the industry or sector and the specific company or organization. Assuming it's a paid internship and there is a genuine commitment for mutual benefit, how can you [...]

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Design Mindset: How to Increase Your Job Chances

Recently, I visited the new Design Museum in Kensington, London, relocated from its former South Bank home. Now housed in the old Commonwealth Institute building, it's a gorgeous use of space, light, angles, colours, and materials. Imagine the pressure on the designers creating something that meets the expectations of a design museum! An enlightening experience full [...]

The Power of Place for Graduates in the Job Search

Where do graduates live and work? How much does the location matter in graduate choices? Research into graduate migration by Labour Market Information expert, Charlie Ball, shows existing ties to local areas can influence a propensity to work in them. Also, I would suggest that the attraction of a city plays a part in the decision-making [...]

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How to Overcome Your Fears As a New Blogger

Blogs are everywhere. The choice of what to read can be overwhelming unless you're selective. The blogging explosion in the last decade reflects the empowering nature of the digital age. It's never been easier and there's no holding back anymore. Everyone has a voice and a platform to express it. But like speaking in public, [...]

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How to Find a Mentor When You Are in Your 20s

In my recent research with graduates, mentoring is high on their list of support while job searching in their 20s. Young professionals often ask me 'how do I find a mentor?' Part of the challenge in responding is to test their understanding of what a mentor does. Also, probing why they want a mentor. A [...]

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How to Leave Your Mark in a Networked World

Here's a paradox. We live in a networked world where connecting from one-to-many has never been easier. Yet, connecting one-to-one seems harder than ever. A genuine connection with someone at a human level leaves a powerful mark on us that is hard to forget. How can you harness your connection power to leave a lasting imprint on [...]

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How to Get Out of an Early Career Dead End

Are you a graduate early in your career struggling to decide whether to stay or go in your job or to change direction? My recent research with graduates on job searching in your 20s identifies lack of clarity about the next step as a barrier. This post looks at 5 ways to get out of [...]

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Purpose and Meaning: How to Choose the Employer for You

Much is made of the Millennial generation's focus on finding purpose and meaning. I don't think that's exclusive to a single generation. If you haven't read Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning, it's well worth doing so to get a sense of perspective. This post looks at the why, what, and how of purpose and [...]

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How to Manage Your Wellbeing After Graduation

Are you facing that challenging post-graduation period when the summer partying is over, your university friends are scattered all over the place and the cold reality of ‘what now?’ slaps you in the face? You might also be living at home with your parents after gaining your degree. And I know that being in limbo [...]

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