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Learning to Leap Book

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Learning to Leap is a timely, practical guide that can help change your life, give meaning to your life more often and take back control of your life. By reading this book, you will find out the common set of personal attributes, skills and knowledge that every employer wants. This book is for you if

  • you are a student or graduate entering the workplace for the first time
  • you have been made redundant or are returning to work
  • you want to change job or career
  • you are seeking promotion
  • you are in transition from one role to another
  • you are interested in personal development and employability

This easy-to-understand guide will support your personal development using practical and proven tips, tools and techniques. There is a wide-ranging mix of resources for you to further explore. It’s also a commentary on current and future learning opportunities and challenges we all face in maintaining our employability.

By learning to leap, you’ll be rewarded by

  • giving employers greater confidence in your quality as a candidate or an existing employee
  • making more informed decisions for your career and future direction
  • making the most of yourself so you can describe the kind of person you are and make links with personal strengths and achievements
  • enhancing your job and career prospects so you can present yourself authentically and confidently to current or prospective employers.

The philosophy of the book is based on the principles of coaching and mentoring. It is designed to develop your awareness, build your confidence and capability, and encourage ownership of and responsibility for your actions. Use it as your critical friend to become the best you can be and increase your chances of success with employers.

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10 Critical Attitudes For Exceptional Students

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This book is a quick read, but it’s packed with solid information. We dive into each topic above, explaining why these really are the 10 Critical Attitudes for Exceptional Students. At the end of each chapter, we’ve left quick thoughts on applying your newly developed skills and mindsets to your job search. They’ll serve you, the graduating senior, on your full-time job search when you graduate (and in the future). And they’ll also serve you, the current full-time student, when looking for an internship.

You’ll learn to build a foundation of self-awareness, to be resilient in your journey, and to always be appreciative of the process.


Free E-book – “21st Century Internships: how to get a job before graduation”

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Click here to listen to the podcast with Mark Babbitt of YouTern who talks with David Shindler about their collaboration on the e-book.

It’s a no-nonsense look at the importance of internships to your early career; the development of soft skills that go well beyond what might have been learned in the classroom; and the impact of hands-on experience on your ability to become highly employable. Full of contemporary tips from the authors’ real world experience, this is a must-have book for higher education students, recent graduates, young professionals – and those career professionals and mentors who guide them.

Essential Steps For Being Career Savvy

Webinar I recorded with Youth Employment UK CIC on lessons learned from a lifetime of work, plus advice and tips in response to questions from young people in YEUK’s network on mental health issues, apprenticeships v university and unpaid internships.

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Transitioning From University To Work

I offer tips and strategies for making the leap in this podcast with James Curran as part of his excellent series talking to job and career specialists – more at 

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