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As a business owner or employer, organising learning and development for yourself or your colleagues can be difficult and time consuming. Yet, if the people in your business are developing, then so is your business and that means greater opportunities for growth. Professionalising your performance means having motivated, engaged and aligned people who are doing things right and doing the right things.

Benefits of working with us

Offering both consultancy for business owners and workshops for employees, we can tailor our support to your business needs. Providing coaching for your colleagues or development for you as a business owner will bring these benefits to your company:

  • Improving employee satisfaction and morale
  • Reducing employee turnover leading to reduced recruitment fees
  • Better performance leading to better sales conversion
  • Improved efficiency, productivity and time management
  • In-house job promotion strategies reducing recruitment fees
  • Development of new skills that will add to what the business can offer
  • Enhancing Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Inspiring leadership and focused management to ensure all efforts are aligned towards business goals
  • Greater trust in work relationships, inside and outside the company

We can work with you in various ways to build your business:

  • Developing leadership and management teams
  • Developing collaborative and partnering behaviours
  • Personal development for individual colleagues
  • Bespoke skillset training for your company
  • Working in partnership with you to develop your own learning and development interventions
  • Working as a consultant to help HR develop training packages
  • Developing HR managers and trainers to deliver workshops
  • Supplying and delivering the learning and development programme on your behalf
  • Providing a learning and development partner for small companies who do not have the internal capacity or capability

There are many ways we can help you including some of the workshops below, so please call us to discuss the options further.

We also work with a select group of companies to provide you with the best support. They provide a diverse range of coaching and consultancy services and products related to personal, professional, team and organisational development, careers, employability and recruitment. Read more about our Associate relationships.

Businesses & Employers Workshops

Workshop Focus Details
Team Development Improve performance, team building, effective working relationships 6 week programme
7 Winning Strategies for Successful Meetings Engagement, time management, efficiency, productivity Half or 1 day workshop
Coaching and Mentoring Skills At Work Coaching, mentoring, leadership, management 1 day workshop