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Providing employability skills to students and developing attitudes are tough challenges. However, helping people develop at this stage of their lives is essential if they are to have the confidence and guidance to be able to go and achieve their dreams.

Benefits of working with us

Coaching your students or members and supporting your colleagues will benefit your institution in many ways:

  • Student or member satisfaction and employment success rate
  • Building employer partnerships and alumni relationships
  • Helping you to convert internships and work placements to employment opportunities
  • Improving your employability statistics to achieve funding targets
  • Professionalise your performance by raising awareness about what employers expect
  • Helping your students or members to leap from study to professional life
  • Providing CPD learning
  • Giving you an edge over your competition.

There are many ways we can help you achieve this including some of the workshops below, so please call us to discuss the options further.

Education Workshops

Workshop Focus Details
Transitioning From Student To Professional Life Professionalism, attitudes, preparation, planning Bite-size
Professionalise Your Performance Professionalism, confidence, motivation, job skills, mindset, career choices 2 day workshop
Internships: How To Get A Job Before Graduation Preparation, professionalism, employability Bite-size
Employer/Student Forum Key business challenges, critical thinking, problem solving, employability 2 hour problem solving session