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The gap between being a student and professional life can seem a huge challenge. We can help bridge that gap. You are more likely to get selected and hit the ground running in your new job if you invest the time in developing the attitudes and skills employers expect. We have successfully developed students and graduates to help them gain the job they want.

Benefits of working with us

Working with us you will:

  • Gain confidence and motivation to succeed
  • Expand your employability skills
  • Improve your self belief
  • Maximise your time to do things quicker and more efficiently
  • Understand how to leap from being a student to a professional
  • Increase your appeal to employers
  • Understand how to attract and approach employers
  • Professionalise your performance by preparing you to apply for jobs
  • Connect your study to the world of work
  • Work towards getting the career you want.

There are many ways we can help you achieve this including 1 to 1 coaching and some of the workshops listed below, so please call us to discuss the options further.

Students & Graduates Workshops

Workshop Focus Details
Transitioning From Student To Professional Life Professionalism, attitudes, preparation, planning Bite-size
Professionalise Your Performance Professionalism, confidence, motivation, job skills, mindset, career choices 2 day workshop
10 Critical Attitudes For Getting a Job Job and career search, preparation Bite-size
So, Why Should I Employ You? Job interview skills, preparation Bite-size
Employer/Student Forum Key business challenges, critical thinking, problem solving, employability 2 hour problem solving session
How To Engage Employers And Get Noticed Engaging employers, preparation 1 Day workshop