This blog is a change from my usual stuff. I want to share some of my favourite online inspirations, those consistently inspiring reads from thoughtful people who put their heart, soul and creativity out there for us to kick around in our own minds. The joy of reading other bloggers is a mix of pleasure, diversion, self-interest, admiration, empathy and, above all, stimulation. They challenge my assumptions, provide new perspectives and prompt personal thoughts and feelings that help inform my imperative.

In no particular order, here is an eclectic list of 5 bloggers I love to read:

Sabrina Ali is a writer, career counsellor, speaker and teacher based in Vancouver Island who I got to know through Twitter. She specialises in working with professionals under 40 who have doubts about continuing on their current career path by teaching them how to become their own Career Advisor. She is also the author of The Bliss Kit: A digital guide to authentic career creation.

Here’s what comes into my head when I think of Sabrina’s writing: warmth, empathy and congruence. She genuinely steps in and feels what she writes about. There is no side to her writing, it is not agenda driven. Her choice of language resonates because it is natural and ‘everyday’, intuitive and often profound, yet laced with pragmatism. Soulful is a perfect word to describe her style and intent. Sometimes ethereal, often curious, sometimes challenging, yet always supportive and considered. Sabrina sees and expresses the world differently from me. I really appreciate and learn from her perspective. Dip your soul in.

Kate Griffiths-Lambeth describes herself as Creative Connector, Advisor, Mother/Wife/Friend, Leader, Urban Naturalist, International HR Professional and Company Director. Passionate about enabling people and organisations to exceed their own expectations.

Kate’s personal blog is exactly that. Her musings on the world she encounters in her life, both inside and outside business, are brilliantly researched, wide-ranging and adorned with beautiful and carefully selected images.  I discovered we had some similar experiences in our background after commenting on one of her blogs that resonated with me. Who would have known?

Her writing is like short stories rather than blog posts. They meander like a river this way and that before circling back to her central point in an intellectually and emotionally satisfying loop. Revel in her reverie.

Chris Milborrow LI image

Chris Milborrow Blog

Chris Milborrow is a recent marketing graduate who I admire greatly. Unlike Sabrina, Kate and myself, he is just setting out on his career and blogs when he can. He has just started as a graduate trainee for a well-known global audit, tax and advisory firm. Throughout university, he provided a student perspective on employability, graduate attributes and important attitudes. I was impressed enough to invite Chris (again through Twitter) to guest blog for my sites. Mature, insightful, he is a genuine giver and a natural leader.

What I love about Chris’ writing is his thirst for learning, exploring and engaging. He is not afraid of challenging his peers as well as the fixed attitudes of others in positions of responsibility. The quality of his self-reflection is rare for someone of his age. His writing rebuts the lazy generalisations laid at the door of the Millennial generation. One to watch.

Robert Craven Bright Marketing Blog

Robert Craven is a seriously disruptive voice. I went to school with Robert many moons ago and reconnected in recent years. I discovered my independent, opinionated (in its most positive sense) and energetic pal has lived a bright and varied entrepreneurial life. He runs the highly successful Directors’ Centre here in the UK, a guru of Mastermind groups, a sought-after speaker globally and passionate advocate for small business in all its guises.

Robert’s writing, including a Branson-endorsed book (among several), is punchy. He is not a fan of flannel. He once wrote a provocative blog suggesting that if your accountant did not provide added value by helping you to win business, you should sack them. It hit the financial pages of the Daily Telegraph, went viral and equally enraged and encouraged accountants everywhere. Subsequently, many beat a path to his door for marketing support with their business.

Robert does not follow the crowd and really makes you think. His recent posts have challenged perceptions about social media and the relationship between corporates and small business. Try Robert… if your hackles need an outing.

Mark Babbitt LI photo

Savvy Intern blog logo

Mark Babbitt is someone after my own heart. He is the Boston-based CEO of a graduate internship start-up, someone who discovered social media and became an evangelist. I was attracted to the relentless passion that shone through his blog in supporting young people to succeed in the world of work. A writer of principle and integrity, Mark says it like it is and pulls no punches.

It’s that honesty and truth that I admire most about his writing. He is prolific, practical and provocative (or snarky, as they say over the pond). Mentoring is his heartbeat. You know where you stand with his views. He cuts to the chase and is a wonderful advocate of generational equality and tolerance. I’m looking forward to reading his new book, co-written with Ted Coine, A World Gone Social – How Companies Must Adapt To Survive. Be inspired.

Which 5 bloggers would you recommend I should explore?