That old adage of risk and reward seems as relevant today as ever. The company I worked with for eleven years went bust as a result of the economic crash in 2008. As an employee for my whole working life, the idea of going solo felt scary. Would my inner entrepreneur magically appear (did I even have one)? Or would the uncertainty of no longer relying on the monthly pay cheque be too stressful? Eight years on and the chance I took on myself has been rewarding in all senses. It has also relied on others taking a chance on me. What makes chance a fine thing in a career shift?

These are common fears when contemplating a career or job change. Sometimes you have to leap and learn as you go along, as well as learning before leaping. Much depends on your preferred style. The degree of risk is another factor – what are the known and unknown consequences of failing or succeeding? Nothing gained, nothing ventured, and tales of the unexpected.

6 career shift insights

Here are some thoughts based on my personal and professional career shift:

  • Doing something creates momentum and opens doors. Don’t wait for something to happen.
  • Iteration follows failing fast. Redefine, reframe and reboot.
  • Professional identity is dynamic. Reinvent and be relevant. Pivot if necessary.
  • Your purpose is the rocket fuel driving strategy and tactics. Clarity, focus, and energy.
  • Your story is an evergreen and evolving asset. Use it to light fires and build relationships.
  • Success relates to personal values. Examine what it means for you. You might be surprised.

Making a decision to career shift is the starting point, whether you jump or get pushed. Take a chance on yourself so that others want to take a chance on you. The chances are you won’t regret it.

What insights here resonate with you?