Young Professional: How to Get A Guaranteed Job Interview

John loved using his hands and designing objects made of wood when he was at school. His favourite subject, Design and Technology, was also his worst result at GCSE. How come? He would make these beautiful ornaments, bowls, and small furniture. Then he would have to write about it. John's love lay in doing, making [...]

HE And Employers: How To Build A Community Ethos

Higher education and employers are constantly seeking ways to engage more closely in an era of student fees and with employability high on the agenda. Leeds Trinity University is no exception. This thriving institution is 50 years old this year having started out as a Catholic teaching training college. It has built on its heritage [...]

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Emotional Intelligence: How To Deal With Tough Love

Employers are questioning young people's resilience for today's workplace. How fair is it? One school of thought is that they have the equivalent of a boxer's glass jaw, have grown up mollycoddled and can't hack it. The alternative view is that young people have had a rotten deal in a post-recession world and they want [...]

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Critical Thinking: Why it Matters And What It Is

Employers ask wacky interview questions. That's according to a recent investigation of thousands of UK job candidates by Glassdoor. A software engineer is asked to guess how he would fit an elephant in a fridge. A telecoms manager is asked how many people born in 2013 are named Gary. Fair or unfair, employers want to [...]

Why Unlearning And Learning These 3 Skills Is The Future

The shelf-life of our existing skill sets is getting shorter. What skills do you need to unlearn and learn to be employable in 5 years time? The rapidly changing nature of work means the way we've done things in the past may not be fit for the future. The World Economic Forum produced a report recently [...]

Graduate Jobseekers: Eat More Cake!

It's always inspiring to hear a graduate job success story. What marks out Kylie Cook's journey is cake! Rather appropriate for this time of year. Have a listen to the final Learning to Leap podcast for 2015 to find our why. I spoke with Kylie about her job as a consultant with graduate employment specialists, [...]

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Youth Employment: Listening To The Voices Of Young People

It's always heartening to hear about a success story of doing the right thing and a bit of positive karma when the world pays someone back in kind. Meet Kenechi Efiezula, known as KC, who is the Membership Manager and a Youth Ambassador at social enterprise, Youth Employment UK. This articulate and committed 24-year-old is [...]

Why great employees quit (and how you can prevent it)

Thanks to our friends at White Horse Digital for this week's post! Every employer has been there. It begins with your employee asking for a ‘meeting’. It gets to one o’clock and they shuffle into your office, armed with a small, ominous envelope. They hand it to you, wordlessly, shying away from eye-contact. Suddenly, it [...]

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Avoid Personal Depreciation By Being Appreciative

It’s a natural human feeling to bask in the afterglow of being appreciated for what you do, what you have achieved or just for being you. How often does it happen at work and how well is it done? To what extent do we take other people for granted? This post was prompted after hearing [...]

Fail Hard, Fail Fast For Entrepreneurial Success

Experience is the best form of learning. You can talk, observe, study and plan as much as you like, but it's not until the rubber hits the road, to coin a phrase from my transatlantic friends, that you find out what works and what doesn't, what you are capable of and where you struggle. Two [...]

#CanheJez? Leadership Reflections On The Labour Party Selection

What will Jeremy Corbyn be like as a leader? What has he shown to date? How will his leadership style need to evolve to be successful? You can listen to me here speaking on BBC Radio (1 hour 42 minutes in) about his leadership credentials following the dramatic events of his selection. Here are my reflections. [...]

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Only Way Is Ethics

Recent stories emanating from Amazon about its internal work practices suggest a confused moral picture. How CEO, Jeff Bezos, goes about addressing the challenge will be a test of his ethical leadership. The UK’s Chartered Management Institute (CMI) argues we face “a crisis of ethics” arising from the ashes of the recession. Moral development is [...]

Career Story: From City Worker To Interior Designer

Anna Palmer recently turned her hand to interior design after working at ING as a Desk Top Publisher for 11 years. Two years ago, after completing her diploma in interior design, she set up her business Anna Palmer Interiors, with Bathroom Heaven being her primary client. Her eye for detail and knowledge has become highly [...]

Stairway To Heaven: A Small Business Story

Starting up your own business can be both rewarding and challenging. We caught up with Craig Dessoy, who set up Bathroom Heaven in 2002. Now employing 22 people and enjoying 15 per cent year-on-year growth, Craig knows what it takes to succeed in business. We asked him how he’s done it… What made you decide [...]

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Top Social Recruiting Ideas For Jobseekers And Employers

Let's be honest, the recruitment process is a troubling minefield for many young people today. Understanding how to navigate it is a job in itself. Some employers are also struggling to keep up to date with what works as technology and work cultures evolve at different speeds from each other. Hop forward Julie Bishop, founder of Jobhop, someone [...]

How To Make Your Digital Profile Stand Out With “Not-Com”

This article is by Erica Bray of Name.Kitchen. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Details count when crafting your professional brand, especially your digital profile – as that’s where prospective employers, clients and business partners will go to research you. A clever and memorable domain name – one that stands [...]

How To Help Your Employees Achieve Happiness At Work

The rise in value of 'human capital' means that organisations should be motivated to keeping their employees happy like no time before, says Petra Wilton of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).How important are an organisation’s employees? They just might be the most important thing you’ve got going for you. It’s estimated that 80% of the [...]

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How To Value And Create Independent Thinking In Meetings

How can you run your meetings to ignite people’s independent thinking and generate the best ideas? I went to a professional development event for coaches this week about the value of independent thinking and ways to create space for it at work. It resonated with my recent experiences working with corporate and individual clients. Here [...]

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Rewiring Your Brain Through Mindfulness

Is your mind too full of stuff at the moment? Are you on auto-pilot engaging in mindless activity causing you stress with the potential for burnout? Many of us have become increasingly dependent on technology and are living with greater uncertainty in our lives. Busy, yes, but what kind of busyness and does it contribute [...]

How Social Media Impacts The Career Trajectory of 3 Generations

Four career professionals from across the globe got together in 2014 to talk about social media and its role in our life and career. Speaking candidly about professional and personal experiences. Featuring: Sabrina Ali from MakeBelieveForReal Mark Babbitt, CEO of YouTern Chris Milborrow of Grant Thornton (then at the University of Strathclyde) David Shindler of [...]