Clarifying and articulating your job or career objective enable you to shape personal strategies to achieve it. Yet, tactics without an objective and strategies risk becoming scattergun activities in the hope of finding what you want (for example, a reliance on using job boards). Also, strategy and tactics are meaningless if the drive and discipline are absent to make them happen. So, what will help you stay on track and deliver your aspirations in 2017?

At the outset, many of my coaching clients struggle with being clear about their objective – where they want to go or how they want to be. Exploring to identify their objective is the objective for some. What people say they want – like a new job or a career change – often masks a more heartfelt objective like a sense of purpose or mastery or autonomy. Just knowing your objective is not enough, you also have to make it happen and that requires discipline.

disciplineMany budding entrepreneurs fail when their drive focuses too much in the wrong areas. For example, over-focusing ‘in’ the business and under-focusing ‘on’ the business. They don’t pay enough attention to clarity, discipline, and accountability to make things happen smartly and effectively. Here’s a new resource, the Check-In Strategy Journal, that will help you to stay on track and deliver.

Also, many successful people have clear links between their strategies and their values and aspirations. Your personal values are the most powerful drivers of what you want to achieve. Identify, understand and use them as rocket fuel to drive your actions, maintain momentum and increase your chances of success.

An exercise in discipline

At the start of every year, I pick my three words for the coming year to give me energy and discipline. They feed a sense of purpose, are easy to remember and yet have depth. They are strategic to help me reach my overriding objective.

For 2016, my three words were Pivot, Learn, and Dare. Each had a particular meaning for me and no-one else. In practice, I started developing an online course, getting my head around online marketing, and broadening my coaching work into new areas. 2017? JDI, Iterate, and Joy!

What are your 3 words for the coming year to drive your energy and discipline?

Mindset matters

Initially, where do you tend to focus your mind? A past, present or future focus affects how you deliver on your goals.

  • Past-focused: enjoying the cathartic experience of reflecting on the year’s highs, lows, and personal learning journeys to derive insights.
  • Present-focused: switching off from reflecting and planning, simply being or immersing yourself in doing.
  • Future-focused: setting broad, motivational goals and personal intentions or detailed plans.

The balance between the three mindsets at any given time is personal to each of us, our preferences and cultural context. Check out your time perspective with this free online inventory.

Where does the balance lie for you? How would it help you succeed in 2017 if you alter the balance?