Harnessing the best of technology with the positive use of social media opens the doors to greater and more informed choices. There are plenty of Apps out there to advise on trips and trusted services. For good or bad, league tables rank our schools, colleges, and universities. So, I decided to see what’s available in the employee reviews and company rating areas to help with job and career. Where are the Trip Advisors for jobs?


rating sitesGlassdoor is the most well-known site for anonymously posted employee reviews of employers. Nearly 38 million insights globally for all types of employment status for more than 740,000 employers. About 73% of employees say they are OK or satisfied with their jobs and employers. A good starting point for your job research. Even better, speak directly with people you know who work at the employers that interest you.

A US-based competitor is Comparably. Its platform seeks to differentiate itself through the ability to sort reviews by things like race, gender and years worked at the company.

The Job Crowd claims to be the UK’s only graduate and apprentice employer ranking system based on employee feedback. Another UK site for employee reviews is WorkAdvisor. Also, Employer Information provides a tool for employees, job seekers, suppliers, work providers and customers alike to find information on UK employers “not available elsewhere”.

Indeed is one of the largest job sites and has a company reviews section with annual best places to work.

Vault is a US-based “career intelligence” platform. They say it helps you find out what it’s really like to work within an industry, company, or profession, and how to position yourself to start, advance, or change your career.

TheJobCrowd creates The Top Companies for Graduates to Work For & The Top Companies for Apprentices to Work for. The annual ranking (published in September) is based exclusively on results of feedback from employees at those companies. Glassdoor collates Top 10 companies by sector. Also, the Sunday Times publishes lists of Top 100 Best Companies to Work For in different categories. In 2018, it was based on the views of over 250,000 employees and 799 organisations.

Work Experience

employee reviewsThe prevalence of unpaid internships and poor employer treatment have led to sites like Rate My Placement. It gives Undergraduate Student Placement, Summer Internship, Work Experience, Insights & Vacation Schemes reviews. They claim 59% of graduate hires from companies in RateMyPlacement’s Top Undergraduate Employers last year were students that had completed an internship or placement year during their degree. Rate My Apprenticeship has over 13,000 reviews for school and college leavers.


Theemployee reviews cliche goes that people leave bad managers rather than jobs or organisations. No surprise then to see the rise of sites like eBossWatch and Fairy GodBoss (both US-based). The latter differs because it gathers reviews exclusively from women around the world about their company experiences, benefits, policies, and culture. And with the gender pay gap hot news, check out the results as part of your job research.

One other thing to consider when reading employee reviews on these sites. Are they always honest and trustworthy or a case of trolling and bad-mouthing? For example, the existence of Rate My Professor and Rate Your Lecturer maybe a sign of our expert-questioning times and related to the marketisation of higher education. Remember, it takes two to tango.

What’s your experience with employee review sites?