Resilience is personal. How each of us responds to adversity differs because of the complexity of our make-up and experience. Research shows several common factors that add up to being resilient, so if they don’t come naturally, you can develop them. Being consistently resilient is high on the list of desirable qualities that employers value.

We are all unique like everyone else. John Allen Paulos, Mathematician

We live in VUCA times (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) and that’s a bummer as we tend to dislike change. Neuroscience tells us our brains are designed to take the easy way out which is why we are creatures of habit. On the surface, mixed messages abound as Richard Branson extols the virtues of failing and Brene Brown encourages us to be vulnerable. Context is all  –  our situation, who we are or who we have become and how we deal with things determine if we crash and burn or use the experience as rocket fuel for our job or career lift-off. 

Last week, two hundred high-profile people made a plea in a letter to the Government to do more to help on mental health (join them here by signing the Equality for Mental Health petition). Public and voluntary sector employees, in particular, are feeling the strain from austerity as resources are cut leaving those remaining to do more with less.

We need to see urgent and significant investment in mental health services so that the one in four of us experiencing mental health problems can get the help and support we need. Paul Farmer, CEO of Mind

Part of my work involves coaching people referred to me by a vocational rehabilitation consultant. As the job title suggests, these are people who have struggled at work with a range of learning and mental health difficulties. Some seek coaching as part of a preventative strategy and building resilience is often one of the goals.

Below are 5 freely available resources that you may find useful if you want to learn more about what resilience means, explore some assessment tools and try out development strategies to help yourself or other people.

Resilience Resources

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What saps your resilience? What builds your resilience? How do you sustain it?