A client of mine was asked this excellent question at the end of a job interview recently: “If you were to be unsuccessful today, what will we be missing out on?” It’s similar to a question you can ask if the interviewer doesn’t raise it: “Is there anything more you would like to hear from me to help with your decision?”

How would you answer that question? What would you consider when taking a metaphorical photo of yourself to convince an employer you are the right person for the job?

The lens

What lens will you use so that the viewer sees you at your best? For example, do you want the interviewer to look through the lens of your personality or your expertise or your experience? Just make sure it’s relevant to this job and employer. What words will you use to describe your most powerful self?

The tripod

Employers want rounded and grounded young people. What are your underpinning foundations? Who has had the biggest impact on your life or career to date? Use an example of their wise advice or inspiration that you have applied successfully so you leave a lasting impression.

Focusing and zooming

Be specific, not vague, succinct, not lengthy. Focus in on something memorable that is an improvement on what the employer has right now, a problem solved, a pain removed or a saving gained. Paint a picture of your unique offering as a person that this employer simply can’t refuse. Summarise your breadth and depth – zoom out for a panoramic view, zoom in on a significant detail.


Genuine smile = picture perfect!

Taking a selfie is easy. Learning to use a camera takes skill and practice, so you know which settings to use and make the right impression to win the job.