When Scott Peck wrote his iconic book, The Road Less Traveled, I bet he didn’t foresee the title becoming part of the lexicon of the world of careers. Yet, the title still resonates for many people and seems apt for my latest podcast guest, the Millennial champion, Alexandra Galviz. This Boomer began following Alex on LinkedIn where her published posts and status updates chime with my own perspectives on many career and work issues. In particular, her LinkedIn headline stands out. Rather than the usual boring stuff, Alex describes herself as a

Serial giver | Kindred content spirit | Gentle millennial warrior | Wisdom whisperer

As you will see and hear below, she is super-generous, open and engaging with passionate views!


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What did we talk about?

In this Learning to Leap podcast, the range of topics we cover include:

  • How Alex learned to leap from university to the corporate world to solopreneur. It’s a rich story full of insights about challenging conventions, managing endings, and beginnings, clarifying her purpose, and revealing her authentic self.
  • How discovering Susan Cain’s TedTalk and book, Quiet, was life-changing; how Alex embraces her introversion and makes it work for herself in business.
  • Her views on being a Millennial in the workplace; how her generation is misunderstood; why she believes the different generations have more similarities than differences; and the one feature Alex feels differentiates Millennials with important implications for the future workplace.
  • Alex is a Young Ambassador for LinkedIn. With 5000 followers to date, she shares how she uses LinkedIn to shape her online and offline identity.
  • How a post she wrote on her last day in a corporate role went viral, and why; the lessons for changing the nature of conversations online and in the corporate world. Refreshingly, Alex’s writing is honest and courageous and her experiences resonate with a lot of people. Follow her!

This new phase of Alex’s career is in its infancy, yet, I’m certain this Millennial is debunking the myths of her generation through practicing what she preaches. As she says in our conversation about quitting her job and starting a business:

A lot of people sit down and just talk about it or they talk themselves out of it. Taking that first step, the minute one door opened, the next one opened, and the next one, and the next one.

Contacting Alex

Please feel free to continue the conversation by leaving a comment below. You can get in touch with Alex via LinkedIn or her website to read more about her story and business services.