My first guest of 2016 for the Learning to Leap podcast series is a perfect example of what it means to be proactive and resilient. Nyasha Duri is a 19-year-old based in London who is exploring what she wants to be and do after finishing school last year. Born in Zimbabwe, she came to England as a child and is contemplating a degree in International Relations in Canada or Sweden. Truly a global citizen.
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Nyasha’s confidence is infectious and she has already made herself highly employable through her volunteering and entrepreneurial activities. With a wise head on young shoulders, she shares some great tips for other recent school leavers making their way in the world. We talked about:

  • Her positive experience of careers guidance at school.
  • The value of transferrable skills gained from volunteering with the National Citizen Service, vInspired, Youth Employment UKEuroPeersUK, @O2UKThinkBig.
  • What it’s like working for a start-up company, including the meaning of being professional.
  • The mindset school leavers need to overcome setbacks and to seize new opportunities.

Nyasha Duri

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Nyasha is the founder of @PoliticksUK and is setting up her own Web agency this year on as she moves “from being a consumer to a creator”. You can contact her for now via Twitter @nyashaduri.