Top Tip

1.  Cashflow  Have systems in place that generate a monthly dashboard (so you know the exact business position) and ensure debtors and creditors are actively managed.
2.  Getting clients –

Getting in front of someone & conversion,   being found among the noise of the market


Establish a platform for you and your business through strategic networking online and in person.  Have a fresh take on your market that grabs attention.  Tell your story.
3.  How much to charge Get paid what you are worth and start how you mean to go on.
4.  On the business (entrepreneur) v in the       business (your product, service,           profession)     Be disciplined by carving out regular, specific time slots for both to ensure you do things right and the right things.
5.  New tasks, new roles, new behaviours –

Balance in your life


Self-discipline, resourcefulness, persistence, determination.
6.  Decision making – it’s down to you Don’t be too proud, stubborn or easily dismiss humility.  Consult when you need to and listen to your intuition.
7.  Too much advice Seek the wisdom of the crowd and draw up your personal ‘true collaborator or expert’ checklist, then test that against your instincts.
8.  Working on your own Be collaborative, be an associate, share office space, social networking, support group, mentor, peers, the postman – build relationships and time for play into your daily life.
9.  Letting go Build trust in your relationships with people who can take the hassle out of your life and free you up to do what you do best.
10.  Learn to say ‘No’ It’s tempting to say ‘yes’ to any work when you start out as self-employed.  Get the balance right between ‘mission’ and ‘mortgage’ work and congruence with your brand.