Here’s another list of blog posts to go with the millions of others at the end of the calendar year! My top 10 blog posts in 2017 are a combination of the most shared ones and personal favourites. They were published either on my website or as guest blogs on other platforms. It’s tough writing a post 52 weeks of the year, but I never get bored of it. So much so, I started a local bloggers’ MeetUp this year! I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.

1  How to Kickstart the Social in Your Leadership 

blog postsYou know if you are in the presence of someone with gravitas because they hold everyone’s attention instantly and hypnotically, even if you don’t always know why. There are now two rooms in the 21st century. How does a leader own the room when the room is virtual and the audience can be global? A post for new graduates as well as CEOs.

2  How to Manage Your Emotions in the Job Search

Echo ChambersYou apply for multiple jobs without success and rarely hear back from employers. You feel disillusioned, desperate even and life seems unfair. Sound familiar? The job search is a roller-coaster of emotions. A post on ways to be emotionally intelligent if you want to manage yourself well during the job search.

3  Career Shift: How to Make an Entrepreneurial Leap

blog postsThat old adage of risk and reward seems as relevant today as ever. Making a decision to career shift is the starting point, whether you jump or get pushed. Whether or not you take the entrepreneurial route, take a chance on yourself so that others want to take a chance on you. Seven career shift insights based on my personal and professional career shift to going solo.

4  Research: This is What Graduates Say About the Job Search

BooksToo often, the voices of young people are left out of the noise that proliferates about jobs and employability. So, I asked graduates from my LinkedIn connections and wider network what it’s like job searching in your 20s. Their voices reflect a qualitative snapshot in August 2017 of their experiences, perspectives, and opinions. Graduates describe how the job search feels, what it’s like engaging with employers and recruitment processes, and what helps and hinders.

5  How to Get Out of an Early Career Dead End

career dead endAre you a graduate early in your career struggling to decide whether to stay or go in your job or to change direction? My research this year with graduates identifies lack of clarity about the next step as a barrier. This post looks at 5 ways to get out of an early career dead end.

6  Trust Your Strengths to Find Your Career

blog postsI was interviewed by Vocate, a rather cool US-based company that describes itself as being “the technological evolution of the university career center.” And it’s entirely free. They asked me 8 questions about how college graduates can channel their strengths into finding an employment opportunity that allows them to grow and flourish.

7  Learnability: Can you HACK it?

learnabilityLearnability will emerge as one of the most desirable traits among candidates for recruiters. Labour markets will divide into those with the right skills and those without them. Therefore, the paradigm for success is a continuous process of learning, unlearning, and relearning in the disruptive world of work. In this post, I share 4 core mindsets and attributes underpinning learnability, particularly at an early career stage.

8  Information Overload: These 5 Tips Will Make You Less Stressed

blog posts

How do you keep up with what is going on at any career stage and whatever job you do? Sometimes, it feels like the more you discover, the more you realise how little you know. We are data and information rich. But how do you find the relevant knowledge amidst the deafening noise to help you become wiser? Tools and tips for your job and career.

9  New Year Blues? How to Find a Purpose-Driven Career

Are you feeling the pressure to find a fulfilling job orblog posts career as we begin a new year? The New Year blues kick in for many and it’s no coincidence that the first Monday back is one of the busiest job searching days of the year. Yet, a knee-jerk response to being dissatisfied with your job or disillusioned with your career won’t solve the problem in the longer-term. The grass may be greener temporarily, but the reasons for jumping ship are likely to resurface again. That’s leaping without learning. Here’s how to learn to leap with purpose and on purpose.

blog posts10  The How and Why of the Twenty-Something Mentor Search

In my research this year with graduates, mentoring is high on their list of support while job searching in their 20s. Young professionals often ask me ‘how do I go about a mentor search?’ This post gives some suggestions and how to approach potential mentors.

Which of my top 10 blog posts resonate the most with you? 

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