For those of you wondering if I have given up blogging, or even noticed the absence of my blog in the last couple of months, here’s the reason.  My last website crashed and burned, so I’ve been revamping things and today is launch day!

Take a quick tour around the site and you will see that the focus is on learning to leap – our lifelong ability to develop personally and professionally.  Think of it as learning to navigate your boat on the ocean whatever the sea conditions. You have to deal with the next wave because it’s immediately in front of you, but leave it at that and you’ll sink. So learning to leap is about building a robust boat and learning how to sail with skill.

I’d like to introduce you to my three regular blog contributors – the prolific and energetic Mark Babbitt, CEO and Founder of YouTern, serial entrepreneur and mentor; the savvy and inspirational Sabrina Ali, Career Counsellor and Writer at; and the sharp and committed Chris Milborrow, final year Marketing student at Strathclyde University, who blogs from a student perspective on employability, graduate attributes and important attitudes.

Between us we will inform, energise and provoke your thinking and feeling about the world of jobs, careers, employability, learning, development and succeeding in the 21st Century workplace.

Let’s learn to leap together and see where it takes us!