It’s always heartening to hear about a success story of doing the right thing and a bit of positive karma when the world pays someone back in kind. Meet Kenechi Efiezula, known as KC, who is the Membership Manager and a Youth Ambassador at social enterprise, Youth Employment UK. This articulate and committed 24-year-old is a campaigner for helping young people’s voices to be heard by employers and politicians on the employment issues affecting their current and future working lives.

Kenechi Eziefula

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In this month’s podcast, we chat about how KC got involved in youth employment issues and his role in influencing the influencers, including:

  • KC’s journey from Politics student to his current jobKC quote
  • The particular youth employment issue he feels strongly about
  • How Youth Employment UK is building a community of likeminded young people
  • How young people are being consulted by employers and policy-makers
  • What KC is learning about influencing a wide range of interest groups
  • His views on perceived generational tensions
  • Hearing about an opportunity for employers to celebrate their youth friendly employment practices

I know you will enjoy hearing about KC and his fellow sunshine band of youth ambassadors! You can connect with him via LinkedIn or send him an email if you want to know more about how you can contribute to more youth friendly business, or simply to chat about any youth employment issues important to you.